VaperExpo Japan 2018

Date May 23th-25st 2019
Venue TokyoTraffic Ticket Free

Benifits to exhibitors

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Benifits to exhibitors

Nicotine is not allowed to show and sell in the exhibition.

  • 1Tip

    First and biggest vape show in Japan!
  • 2Tip

    In the public eye of industry and media! And enhance the innovations of product and technology!
  • 3Tip

    A gateway to Japan market, meeting buyers face to face to gain their trust!
  • 4Tip

    A unique opportunity to showcase new products,innovative technologies, and to establish business contracts with local vape shops,zaka owners and vapors.
  • 5Tip

    An International vape competition which gethers KOLs in vaping industry of U.S.A, Japan and China to compete and to promote vaping cultrue!
  • 6Tip

    Alliance with the vape industries in Japan, US and China to work together!